McGrath, Fredrick O.


d. 1981

US Army

Army Air Corps


Fort Bragg

Fred became a B-17 Gunner and “Gunny” instructor, advising the Tuskegee fighter pilots how to use their fifties properly in shooting down enemy aircraft. They never lost one B-17 they escorted over Germany.

After the war, Fred returned to the family business, the Fred H. McGrath & Son Funeral Home, Inc. He would head up the local Civil Defense, work with the Bronxville Boy Scouts, The McGrath dinners for the football players at BHS, was the local Fire Commissioner, a Councilman, and participated on a number of Rockefeller committees including the Committee on the Deaf and Speechless.

“He was a good and honest man and loved his country, my mom, and his family.”
— Max McGrath