McKellip, Jr., Robert

Second Lieutenant

b. June 23, 1945

d. May 8, 1968

US Marine Corps

L Platoon, 3rd Company, 3rd Marine Division

Vietnam War

South Vietnam


Colonel Lemly Award

High School

Bronxville H.S. 1963


Yale University 1967

Lt. McKellip was a commander of L Platoon, Third Company, of the Third Marine Division and was leading his men in search and destroy operations near Kuab Tri. He had been in Vietnam for two and a half months.

Known as Biff, Lt. McKellip moved with his parents in 1945 to 3 Bacon Court. He graduated Bronxville High School, third in the class, with honors in mathematics. He earned his varsity letters in football and tennis and was a member of the Bronxville Field Club Tennis Team.

Biff attended Yale and graduated cum laude in 1967. He was selected to carry the Pierson College flag at graduation, an honor given annually to the boy who has done the most for the college. In a separate ceremony on graduation day, Biff received his commission as 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps.

During the eulogy by Msgr. Moore he said “he was a man of virtue and dedication who had taken full advantage of the opportunities offered him by his family and community and belief in the institutions. Although the man is gone, his hopes and aspirations remain to inspire us.”

“Biff, who was amazing in his own right and the last person that should be put in a fire fight. He was a hero, calling in steel on his over run position. He died a Marine and the country lost a true intellect.” — Max McGrath