Kenyon, Jr., Henry Russell


b. February 4, 1916

d. June 4, 1942

US Navy



Honolulu, HI


Navy Cross

Born February 4, 1916 in Bronxville, New York, and enlisted in the United States Navy on November 5, 1940. He was discharged in 1941 to accept an appointment as Aviation Cadet and was commissioned Ensign on August 4, 1941. After undergoing advanced flight training Kenyon joined Torpedo Squadron 8 (VT-8) for duty in the Pacific.

Kenyon flew as a member of that squadron from the famous aircraft carrier USS Hornet (CV-8) in the Battle of the Midway on June 4, 1942. The squadron took off to attack the enemy fleet without fighter cover in the face of murderous opposition. Knowing that they had insufficient fuel to return to the carrier, Kenyon and his comrades attacked gallantly until they were shot down. Ens. Kenyon was presumed dead June 5, 1942 and was awarded the Navy Cross posthumously for his heroic actions.

by Bill Gonyo