Faselt, Robert Wiley “Bobby Sox”

b. May 2, 1925

d. November 17, 1973

US Navy

USS Bergall SS 320



Syracuse University 1950

Memories of Fran Faselt, his widow

Bob attended Syracuse University and was President of the largest (1500) post WWII graduating class in the history of the university.

He lived in NYC as a bachelor and worked at a radio rep firm. I was a young (18) working girl and had Bob’s resume (with picture attached) come across my desk in 1950. I made certain my boss saw this hunk and in the end we did hire him. That is where we met. Much in-between that and our inevitable marriage in 1954.

The first time I recall Bob ever talking about his World War II experiences, was back in 1968 when, after receiving the book Submarine Operations in World War II by Theodore Roscoe from me, he was telling one of our sons (Greg, 8 at the time) that this was a true story because he was there.

Greg was so impressed he brought the book into school to brag about his dad’s experience. Subsequently, Greg made a ceramic model of the USS Bergall and presented it to my husband at Christmas. Needless to say, sentimental “Bobby Sox” cried! However the most poignant side of this story is that when my husband died in November 1973, 13 months after an operation to remove a brain tumor, we all left some special item in his coffin. Greg’s choice was the ceramic replica of the USS Bergall.

Our wonderful Greg was killed in a skiing accident on January 30, 1981, three weeks before his 20th birthday.

I have nine grandchildren, now ranging from 13 to 22 (as of 2008), one of whom is my husband’s namesake: Robert Wiley Faselt, a freshman in high school.