Cady, John Lodge

First Lieutenant

b. July 17, 1922

d. April 3, 2017

US Army Air Forces




Harvard University 1943, Harvard Law School 1948, NYU Law 1954 (LLM)

Coming up on nearly 50 years of post-war residence in beautiful Bronxville, John Cady is one of the “old soldiers”. Leaving college half way through his senior year at Harvard, John was called up for service by the US Army Air Corp. A little over a year later, he had received his commission, earned his wings, married his childhood sweetheart, and was assigned as a B-24 pilot.

In the winter of 1944, John was shipped to Italy to join the 15th Air Force and participated in multiple bombing missions over cities in the south of Europe. When the war ended, he flew his B-24 back to Florida, and has not touched the controls of an airplane since.

When asked to mention a memorable battle story, Cady is prone to recall the day he pealed off his flack suit at the start of a flight to bomb Vienna, and tucked it under his seat. Lucky, lucky, luck! Over the target a burst of anti-craft fire exploded against the bottom of his plane and made several major dents in the “cushion”.

Back in Cambridge, immediately following V-J Day, Cady talked his college Dean into giving him “credit” for his remaining half-year of undergraduate work. He hung his be-medaled uniform in the closet, and walked across the street to the Harvard Law School, along with about 2,999 other returning veterans, many of whom were accompanied by wives and children.

Financed by the GI Bill, a part-time teaching job at BU, and the salary of his wife, who was a full-time Medical Social Worker at Mass. Gen. Hospital, Cady graduated Law School in 1948 and moved to NYC, his wife’s hometown.

After a 30 year career at a major law firm on Wall Street, a job in the law department of Radio Corporation of America and Tax Director at McGraw-Hill, Inc., the Cady’s and their son, Robert, left NYC and gravitated to the “best possible” place they knew of and bought a home on Summit Avenue.

Like many of Bronxville’s “old soldiers”, John Cady has been very active in Village affairs. At one time or another he has been the village Attorney, president of the PTA, president of the Bronxville Adult School, 1st VP of the Public Health Nursing Organization and Governor of Siwanoy Country Club.